Mr. and Mrs. Yates


Here at Behind the Thrills, we’ve always been a small “family” of theme park nerds. Racheal started it back in 2008 with just a small website and podcast and I jumped on board. We’ve made changes to the site and to each other.Over this past weekend, we made the biggest change yet, Racheal and I were married, and Behind the Thrills is truly a “family” website.

Racheal started Behind The Thrills in 2008 and heard of me through my work on In The Loop. We started working together, and found that we have so much in common from our theme parks, to a love of video games, and music to just about everything. We are made of the same stuff. I’ve felt a connection to Racheal since the day we met and had our first date….at Busch Gardens Tampa.

Since then Racheal has become part of my life, a part that I would die without. We have had many trials and tribulations over the course of our relationship, and have had times when we questioned whether or not the other was worth the hassle. It was always a resounding yes….at least in my book. I’ve had to overcome personal hardships, and deal with several inner demons, but always there guiding me and holding my hand and giving me the strength has been Racheal.

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I love you dearly, and hope to spend the rest of our days together and as happy as we are now.

My angel, my love, my wife.