Universal Orlando: Potter, Jurassic Park, and More!


The end of February is approaching and the work is continuing at Universal Orlando. Mardi Gras is in high gear over at Universal Studios, and much of the park is getting some good old fashioned TLC at Islands of Adventure. We were able to get some shots here and there around the park.

First stop Harry Potter! The Wizarding World is moving along at a rapid pace. Just when you think nothing else needs to go up, more construction goes vertical! Over at the peep holes, you can spy all kinds of new signs going in, including “Hogsmeade” “Honeydukes” and others. If you look close enough you can even see that the shop windows are starting to get some merchandise. If you notice, looks like they put up a new security camera over by Sindbad. What have you other sites been upto?

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The show building is being primed for some kind of paint, and close by the fence in Jurassic Park there looks to be some new work going on, with even more survey markers. This thing is going this far?

Speaking of Jurassic Park, Jurassic Park River Adventure is down for rehab, and we were able to get a few shots of the ride area from the normal walkways of it dry.

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Sadly no new movement on Trike Encounter, in fact, it looks to be taking a step backwards…hopefully this is just a temporary deal.

Onto Dudley, the ride is back up and operational, and everything…including the Exploding Shack is back in operation. Good to see this fun ride up and pumpin.

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Lets see…what else. Over at the Studios, Disaster is still down, and Mardi Gras had Blondie perform this week. Upside is that the cold weather has gone for a few days, so the poor Mardi Gras parade performers looked in better spirits this week.

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And now for some random pictures

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