Unviersal releases WWOHP website


Universal Orlando debuted their official website for the Wizarding World of Harry Potter today.

This website is very basic and gives you an overview of what attractions, shops, and dining areas will be in Potter-World, as well as a basic description of the attraction. There’s no real new information regarding the project as a whole, but the website should update as things progress. The website contains a mail section that allows you to sent post to a friend’s e-mail. The post is supposed to have the Hogmeade stamp on it, like it was really addressed from Hogsmeade. How cool? Very.

A Flying Tour is also available. On this tour, you begin at the entrance of Hogsmeade and you fly to the top of the Hogwarts Castle. I found this to be a very unique experience as you can only see so far into the area through gaps in the fence surrounding the construction. This gives us a general idea of where the shops are located and what Hogsmeade will look like when it is finally completed.

View the website here.

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