UPDATED: Seaworld Orlando: Killer whale trainer killed during show


It has been rumored that during a Believe show today, a trainer died during an incident when she was attacked by Shamu. At the beginning of the show when the trainer was talking to the audience, Shamu came out of the water, grabbing them by the waist and dragging them down. Shamu trashed them around, killing them. The victim’s name has not yet been released. The victim was believed to be a female trainer.

We have also heard rumors this was not during the Believe show, but this took place during Dine with Shamu.

The trainer was pronouced dead when officials arrived on the scene. SeaWorld will be holding a conference at 4:30 p.m. today in regards to this incident. For updates, you may visit this website.

Our hearts go out to the trainer and their family and loved ones.

As we learn more information, we will update this article. Stay tuned for updates.

Update from the press conference:

Seaworld is claiming this incident was an accident. Their most experienced whale trainer was the trainer that drowned today. Seaworld has never experienced an event like this. Seaworld has investigators, including death investigators, on scene investigating the event. It is believed that she slipped and fell into the water and was drowned by the whale. Although Seaworld is stating she slipped, there are many eye witnesses stating she was attacked.

If the conference video is archived, you will be able to view it here: