Ace Invades Carowinds


It’s Mid-March and most parks are silently gearing up for the new season. Carowinds is readying Intimidator, plus Planet Snoopy as well as a bunch of new surprises. Michael Dutterer had the chance to check out a tour put on by ACE and see the various progressions going on in the park. The pics are simply stunning.

Carolina Cyclone looks like it has gotten a new paint job, and unlike the rest of the coasters in the park, it’s not a solid color. At first it kind of takes you off guard, but then you see all of it, and it kind of fits. Planet Snoopy looks as if it’s well underway, with tons of new additions. I was wondering how well it would fit, and how the rides that used to be Nick based would be rethemed without major overhaul. It looks like that major overhaul was unavoidable. Plus interesting to see all the slides over at the water park drained, and waiting for the new season.

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But the real showstopper was Intimidator. Look at that thing! It really dwarfs everything else in the park. A lot of work still to be done on the aesthetics around the ride, but overall, it’s looking raring and ready to go.

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Carowinds opens March 27th.