BGT: Through the Years


Located near The Hamlet at Busch Gardens Tampa is an interesting find for myself. Inside the old Akbar building is a tribute to the history of the park, featuring a 50 year time line, old maps, and an actual car from Python. It’s a rather small exhibit, the time line takes up two walls to cover 50 years of the park’s history, which ends at the opening of Jungala in 2008.

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I thought this was really cool that the park wanted to share it’s history with it’s guests, showing off maps and brochures from back in the day when Busch Gardens was called “The Dark Continent”. I really liked the Python exhibit. The train had a set of two girls riding, one of which had an “I survived Python” button pinned to her shirt. I hope Busch Gardens updates it and keeps it going. It’s a great spot to get out of the sun and learn a little about the park’s history and how it became the park it is today.