BGT:Sesame and Gwazi Updates


Some great shots have been pouring in over the weekend, the first update is from our good friend LC Hill from Sesame. All kinds of great things happening in preparation for the grand opening just over twenty days away!

Loads of new parts and pieces are being loaded in quickly over-running the old LOD themeing, much still in bubble wrap! Also a crane in the Gwazi park area installs some last minute pieces over by where Grover is waiting to play!

[flickr-gallery mode=”photoset” photoset=”72157626586171450″]

But the strangest thing comes to us from just some random reader. Apparently on Sunday Gwazi Lion was doing some test runs. Water dummies? On Lion? Kinky. Now I can understand with all the track being replaced.

New Anti rollbacks ? Why would you test the train with water dummies when you have new anti-rollbacks waiting to be installed? Unless…..unless you’re planning on getting new trains that would need these anti-rollbacks? We’ve all had the wishlist for Millennium Flyer trains on Gwazi since it first opened….okay, well not that far back, but it would be great if the coaster had it. Smoothness is needed in a big way on both sides. Flyers would be the answer. Could these new rollbacks be the first step we see in Gwazi getting MF trains? OR could it be some other reason altogether?