BGW: Highland Stables, Europe in the Air, Celtic Fyre


Busch Gardens Williamsburg recently announced they would be giving their barn in Scotland a face lift and bringing all new animals in for the 2010 season, to include Black Faced Sheep, An Owl, Border Collie Puppies, and Clydesdales. We were given the chance to get a sneak peek of their new Highland Stables, Celtic Fyre (show replacing Emerald Beat), and Europe in the Air (ride replacing Corkscrew Hill – scheduled to open sometime in May) before the park opens to season pass holders this Saturday, March 20.

Let’s see some pictures, shall we?

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For more great pictures of the Higland Stables at Busch Gardens Williamsburg, visit our Friends at BGWFans.

Our reporter, wrote a small recap of the even in a whole.

Highland Stables:
New in 2010 at Busch Gardens Williamsburg in the Highland Stables is a new tour that many will come to enjoy. Have you ever wanted to get up and close to sheep, horses, and watch Border collie dogs run? Busch Gardens has developed a great tour for all of us to take part in. Animal Specialist Jen Brown gave a wonderful presentation as to what goes on during this tour. They have 3 sheep inside the stable and 4 outside the stable. The 3 sheep inside are Heather, Rose, and Daisy, and the 4 sheep outside are Colleen, Eden, Lady Anne, and Lorna. Heather had twins on today (March 17) and they are named after St. Patrick’s Day (Patrick & Kelly). As you move along in the stable, Panola is the new Clydesdale horse. On May 1, Panola will be the Brood Mary. Molly & Katie are the border collies next to Panola and they help heard the sheep into the stable or fenced in pen. They are 4 months old and were born on Nov 8 2009. The end of the stable tour is where you meet Dakota, a 3 year old Stallion. The other 2 horses they have are Dustin, a 3 year old Gelding, and Carly a 4 year old Mane. The behind the scenes tour price is $19.95 and does not include general admission to the park. Season Pass Holders can receive a discounted rate at $17.95.

Celtic Fyre Show/Europe in the Air:
Celtic Fyre is a new show this year that will take you through a wedding reception happening with live dance, singing, and audience interaction. Phil Raybourn gave some inside information about what they are planning to do with the show. The show this year will be taking its focus around a wedding reception in progress, and that the show’s performers will be celebrating their lives throughout the show. He also indicated that the walls inside the theater will be in layers to create the feeling of being in an Irish Pub. Tables on the floor leading up to the stage are in place for audience members to be seated in; according to Phil Raybourn the park has not decided how the seating arrangement for those tables will be determined. The show is scheduled to have a soft debut on opening day March 27, and is scheduled to open officially in late spring.

Europe in the Air is the newest ride attraction to open at the park this year. The ride will be replacing the old Corkscrew Hill attraction. The footage for this ride was filmed in October 2009 and covers most major landmarks in Europe from a flyover of the Coliseum to the Alps, and other landmarks. Kevin Crossett, Director of Communications, indicated that a special permit was required to fly above the Coliseum in Rome 100 ft in the air. The filming used a special camera attached to a helicopter. The resolution rate will be 7 times higher than broadcast HD, according to Kevin Crossett. Europe in the Air is scheduled to open in late spring.