Harry Potter to be revealed next week


WOW. Just wow. Excitement is at a fever pitch for the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. All details, including a grand opening date will be announced next Thursday March 25th at noon(ish). Meanwhile all hell has been breaking loose around the park as rumors have been swirling and even pictures surfacing of JK Rowling and WB execs touring the area for final approval.

First the video

So excited for this!

Now for our own little photo update:

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Plus our reporter says that all the effects were heard in use, plus the train was going off every few minutes and they could even see people going in and out of Dragons Challenge. On the other hand, you saw the pic. It’s still Dueling Dragons. The rumors seem to be true that we will still enter the coaster from the Jurassic Park side. But if what I hear is true, we could see a soft opening on…Saturday? Seems way too soon, but with Dragons open, Spring Break in full swing and Hippogriff testing, it seems possible (however unlikely) that all but The Forbidden Journey will be open.

Other rumors circulating:

No coca cola products in the area.

Snow effects have been scratched

New gates are installed which would allow for the park to “reveal” the Wizarding World every single day at park opening using a special “spell”.

Soft openings, if not on Saturday, could start April 9th

Forbidden Journey to use a four seater Kuka robo arm


Thanks to Brent Terrien for the following 100+ pictures including what appears to be JK Rowling in witch garb! You should follow him on Twitter, he takes loads of great pics!

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*Special thanks to Orlando United and FLAllday for the heads up.

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