Intimidator at Carowinds crosses the finish line


This year will mark the fourth year that I have lived in Charlotte, NC.  I have visited Carowinds many times over the past 3 years, many of those trips with my son.  He began attending Carowinds when he was three years old and the log flume was always our favorite attraction to ride together.  A year and a half ago we were devastated when the ride was removed for a future attraction.  Riding Intimidator today at Media day turned these bad feelings into something else that is already very special.

We walked into Carowinds at 10:30 Friday morning for the introduction of Intimidator.  Right away you could tell a lot of time and planning went in to the new area of the park.  Not only does the roller coaster create a beautiful landmark outside of Carowinds, but also really adds inside the park.  The ride queue and winners circle area outside of the ride is very well themed and adds a great atmosphere that Carowinds had been missing for many years.

Shortly after 11:00, the opening ceremony began with the director of marketing John Taylor.  Speeches continued with Lieutenant Governor of SC Andre Bauer, VP of Operations Jerry Helms, and members of  Dale Earnhart Inc.  The theme of all the speeches were the same, a true excitement for what this ride brings to Carowinds and the entire Carolina area.  Following a short talk from park GM Bart Kennel, fireworks and a ribbon cutting ceremony signaled that the ride was finally open.  Bart Kinzel announced to all “Gentleman start your engines” and we off the front of the queue area.

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In between sampling some of the great food provided, listening to some live music, and visiting the new Planet Snoopy area; we were able to experience Intimidator eight times on Friday.  Intimidator is simply a fantastic B & M hyper that delivers a great ride from almost any seat that you choose.  From the twisted second drop to the numerous hills, terrific amounts of airtime fill the ride.  Overall, Intimidator lived up to the hype and for me may have exceeded it.

Media day was packed with good rides, a friendly staff, and an overall great experience.  Cedar Fair is banking on Intimidator to push Carowinds to new heights and I believe they have absolutely been successful.  Intimidator is a ride that all enthusiasts should head to and do so as quickly as possible.

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Intimidating Stats:

Billed as the tallest,longest and fastest coaster in the Southeast Intimidator was inspired by late racing legend Dale Earnhardt.

Height:232 feet

First Drop: 211 feet

Total Length: 5,316 feet (over 1 mile!!!)

Total Drops:8

Total Ride Time: 3 Minutes 33 seconds

Capacity: 1600 people per hour

Company: Bolliger and Mabillard (B&M)

Cost: $23 million dollars

For more information about Intimidator and Planet Snoopy visit The official Carowinds Website.

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