Universal Orlando:New Map Unveils Potter Height Restrictions


Universal Orlando’s new resort brochure for what’s new in the park in 2010. These are not always the biggest thing for a geek to go goo goo gaga over but as theme park fans know this is a huge deal for Universal Orlando Resort because the boy Wizard(Harry Potter of course) is coming to the Islands of Adventure theme park and is opening up entirely new windows for the theme park world to experience. These brochures are also often looked to by fans to pick apart and see what attractions are really being pushed and featured and what attractions are not standing out with their typical graphics.

As we can see it teases your geekbuds right away and just amps your excitement up to new levels with a bit of Potter’s wand arm in a downward cast blending the rest of the park with the new addition beautifully by ending the page with the well known Islands of Adventure tag line. “Live The Adventure.”

A new sleek desgin to promote different things to do as usual every year with industry brochures trying to be sleek and eye catching.

But a few interesting catches for fans of the parks and resort.

  • Wizarding World Descriptions! Attractions for Forbidden Journey, Dragons Challenge, and Flight of the Hippogriff are all mentioned and described under these. As typical vague descriptions to keep surprses and to keep the common guest informed on what the attraction will feature, but an interesting note is the height requirement is 48 inches for Harry Potter and The Forbidden Journey. Could this be a typo? Something not finalized yet? It seems a bit taller than what I was expecting for a ‘thrilling’ dark ride that the entire family will enjoy. This is the centerpiece attraction and much like spiderman is for marvel. it should be the most cohesively themed piece of the area. Maybe one should not look too much into this early but it certainly is different than what many expected.
  • Dragon’s Challenge mentions “different ride each time!” some are speculating that it will have unique elements to the coaster like sound effects and other tracks for on board audio that may be installed. As neat as that could be I don’t think that is the case here and the description just pushes the fact that there are two solid different roller coaster attractions to experience.
  • Three Broomsticks: The description says counter Service. This is a general term for someone to pick up their food in a cafeteria style resturant. As of right now it is a general description as all counter service resturants seem to be around the resort at the moment. I would expect a more detailed description to come with the park maps.
  • Original logos? This makes me happy. At least as far as I know many of these logos have not been used or seen since much earlier park maps. Going back to the 1999-2003 era of park maps stylized logos. For example the way the big logo for The Discovery Center is large and dead center over the building or the Carosuessel.

A part of me was still kind of hoping for more hints in graphic change or a surprise description for Triceratops Encounter returning. That being said many of these things are general and are very stylized because these are the brochures that end up at tourst centers, area hotels and at your local AAA branch buildings.

You can check all of this out and more than I could ever write on it Here

Agree with observations? Disagree completely?

Notice something you want to point out?

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