2009 Theme Index Report Released


Released today is a list of the top 25 theme parks.. Not by fans or how many people like them, but based on attendance. While many others aspects were released in this report, like top 20 waterparks, and more, I am no where near surpised of the top dogs in these reports.

Top theme park, Magic Kingdom sweeps everyone away again with over 17 million visitors. Actually, Disney fills the top 9 slots.. Goes to show Disney is very popular world wide. Only 12 parks in the top 25 saw an increase in attendance from last year, 13 others saw decreases.

Typhoon Lagoon sweeps away number one as well, except in the top 20 waterparks. 11 of the top 20 waterparks saw a decrease in attendance from last year, and surprisingly enough, two parks had no change in attendance. Wow.

This report goes into a lot more detail than what I breifly mentioned above. Thanks to our friends over at Blooloop, check out this very detailed report for 2009 theme park attendance.

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