A Call to the tourism industry: “Please help stranded Europeans”


Orlando is one of the biggest tourism destinations in the world for international travelers, specifically in the past few weeks for European travelers. Due to a natural disaster, flights have been canceled leaving thousands of tourists, who were here on Holiday, stranded. Sea World and Busch Gardens have answered the call (of sorts) by giving free admission to families who have canceled flights due to this disaster free admission. Disney (The worlds largest theme park company) has offered to give 20% off of meals. We are here today asking all the parks, hotels and restaurants or anyone involved in the tourism industry to do more.

Many have been affected all over the world by a bad economy, and while it has made the United States a great and inexpensive travel destination, it has left a lot of those traveling with a lot less money budgeted to spend on their vacations. Without warning, volcanic ash has blocked out the sky, leaving thousands of tourists stranded. Their money supplies slowly depleting, leaving them without places to stay, food to eat, and things to do. While it is admirable for many parks to open their doors, lets face it, this is the last thing on their minds.

Hotels have reportedly started raising their rates, and even denying stays at hotels to those families who can’t afford the rooms anymore. Again, the largest theme park company in the world Disney has only stepped up with a 20% discount on food. And Sea World Parks and Entertainment have admirably offered free admission. But is this the best we can do?

All of you parks, hotels, car rental companies, eateries, everyone in the theme park industry, depend on these tourists year after year to keep coming back. They are a huge part of your livelihood. Now is the chance to make a lasting impression by opening your doors, pockets and hearts to them. Keep them coming back. After all, it can be written off for your taxes and not affect your bottom line too much. And isn’t the lasting impression what keeps your customers coming back? Won’t they remember your act of kindness above all else?

Behind the Thrills is making the call out to not only the Tourism Industry but also to our fellow Theme Park websites to help spread the word.

We hope that you can help.

Thank you,

Behind The Thrills Staff

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