BGT: Scorpion rides again


It was only supposed to be down for a three day rehab, but one of the original two coasters at Busch Gardens Tampa is back up and operational after a brief delay. It seemed like more than just a basic maintenance rehab as they had the coaster literally in pieces for a few days.

The coaster seems to be a bit brighter as if it was sandblasted, and almost as if it was repainted. Nothing major seemed to be done to it upon riding though.

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Elsewhere in the park, more track is being taken up, in preparation for the new project coming to the park. If you look at where the marks are in some of the pictures, it seems as if they are only moving it over just a few feet in some areas, while in others it seems to be moving completely around new buildings. Again, this is all just conjecture at this point, but they are clearing a lot of land between the Skyride tower and the path to Timbuktu.

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No new information has surfaced and it seems that a major announcement will be made sometime before Memorial Day as the current re-tracking project is scheduled to end in June.

For more information visit the official Busch Gardens Website.