Episode 76: Midnight Syndicate


Halloween is six months away. That means haunt season is as well. It’s a daunting task for us Haunt freaks to try and get through it without losing our sanity. Well, we have the maestros of mayhem to bring a little haunted joy to your life while haunt season looms.

We chat with Ed Douglas and Gavin Gozka, known to many as Midnight Syndicate. We chat about their movie, the Dead Matter, the 13 years they spent together, as well as much much more. We also get them to spill a little bit about their role in this year’s Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando. And its good. Remember the prediction we brought you first? Yeah.

It’s rare we have guests on that are so much fun, its like sitting and talking with your buddies. Ed and Gavin are always this cool. You should check out their official website.

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And while we’re at it, check out the trailer for the Dead Matter coming this July to DVD: