Legoland Florida Taking Apart Coasters


On a lazy Spring Break day, we happened to go by the old Cypress Gardens site, home of the soon to start construction site of Legoland Florida. With just over a year until the opening date, it was surprising to see very little done. All of the smaller rides are gone with just a few here and there. Most of the larger rides are still in tact.

With the rides in tact, one would hope that this means Legoland plans on keeping some of the coasters. However, with the disrepair of a lot of them, and most of the trains sitting either on the tracks or in the stations, it looks as if the care is gone from them, indicating that the coasters will not stay. While we were there, though, we did get a good look at some dismantling of one of the coasters being sold to another park.

[flickr-gallery mode=”photoset” photoset=”72157626468691271″]

Galaxy Spin was slowly being taken apart, and carefully set aside. As you can see from the other pics, a lot of the area is overgrown and worn, especially the Starliner. Trains are sitting in the station of it, and Triple hurricane. It puzzles me, I thought they were keeping the TH? If that’s the case, then why let the cars sit? Why not put the trains in storage or even better, just dismantle them and have them somewhere else? I have to really share my dismay that the Starliner, once resurrected from this same fate, has now fallen to the wayside of a forgotten coaster yet again. Is it cursed? The park is scheduled to open late 2011.

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