New animal Attraction at Sea World Orlando


We headed to Seaworld Orlando to check out what’s been going on since our last visit. It’s been awhile since we ventured away from Universal, and the trip was much enjoyed. While the park still had the same busy feel to it, there were many things that had changed since our last visit. Seaworld has added a new animal attraction, and something weird was going on at Manta.

We arrived pretty early in the morning and headed to the Skytower before the winds started to pick up. Luckily, it was still running when we arrived and we discovered that the Skytower is no longer free for Platinum pass holders anymore. While the regular cost is $4 per ride, platinum pass holders do get a discounted price of $3. According to a Seaworld employee, the price changed about two weeks ago, right around when spring break started. Is it possible that Seaworld raised the prices because they knew it was going to be busy? Are they trying to keep more people from seeing something from above? Or is this a permanent thing?

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The Shark Encounter has always been one of my favorite places in Seaworld because of the Sharks. No changes here, but I’d love to share some photos with you!

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There’s also a new animal attraction going on in the old Clydesdale Hamlet, which is now known as The Hamlet. It’s called Wild Things. It happens roughly every 30 minutes (it may differ on different days). An employee brings out different animals and talks about the animal and allows guests to take their picture with the animal. Guests are not able to touch these animals, but sitting next to them sounds pretty cool too. They show animals such as Wallabies, Sloths, Skunks, Kinkajous, and many more.

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Last stop of the day was to good ‘ol Manta.. Which was closed for technical difficulties. As we were leaving, we noticed the viewing area for the pretzel loop had been blocked off and staffed with an employee. Not only was the ride shut down for whatever issues it was having, they weren’t even letting people in line. That’s not too common, unless there is something major happening or they think they’re going to be down for a long time. After Manta officially opened last year,Seaworld added Shamu tail’s around the area, and my guess was to catch articles that fall from people’s pockets. My guess is we’ll see an actual net covering that area very shortly as something quite large may have fallen from someone’s pocket while they were on the ride, causing the ride to close and the area to be roped off and staffed with an employee.

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A trip is never complete without random pictures.

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