Universal Orlando Mardi Gras comes to an end, Potter looms on the horizon


This Saturday was the last weekend of Mardi Gras at Universal Studios Orlando. Chicago was the musical act, and the crowds were at their highest levels of the event. The 15th year had a slow start due to the cold weather, but started to pick up the crowd levels with spring break. The next event on the horizon? Of course the coming of the boy wizard as the Wizarding World of Harry Potter is set to reveal itself June 18th.

The spring break crowds are still being felt from Citywalk to Islands as they continue to have bands perform on the main stage, something that isn’t usually a common occurrence. Over at Islands of Adventure, most of the eateries and shows that were open for the busy spring crowds were sadly closed. Green Eggs and Ham looked to be back into hibernation. The Aggro Circus has vacated the amphitheater, and some strange new riggings have been erected in Toon Lagoon, most likely for the coming Grad Bash later this month.

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Over at Potter not too many things are happening. A lot of small details are falling into place, as well as what appears to be a queue line taking shape in the greenhouse area. New rails can be seen in the Jurassic Park area, right behind the new gate that looks to be permanent. Apparently you will enter the express line from here? Who knows at this point, and really who cares. It’s only going to matter when it’s open. Moving into the greenhouse we saw workers putting more details on the huge gnarly looking vine that creeps around, occasionally opening up into what looks like speakers. The vine also seems to wind into the pots, where it is said they will move.

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Over at the Studios, the mood seemed to be upbeat as the last performance of the Mardi Gras parade went on. The floats seemed to have more pizazz this year, though there really seemed to be more emphasis on stilt walkers than on new costume design. The parade will most likely return next year.

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