WhiteWater West unveils new waterslide, MEGAtube


WhiteWater West has announced their newest water slide series, called the MEGAtube. From the sounds of it, it will be a thrilling experience as the tube will rock back and forth while riders can see other guests above them riding another ride – WOW! The tubing for this water slide is so huge, another flume can pass through it. Wow! Two attractions will be opening in the near future, and we’ll probably see more popping up elsewhere in the near future.

View the official press release from WhiteWater West:

WhiteWater West unveils the MEGAtube™ series waterslides

Industry’s newest family raft rides are the largest ever

Richmond, BC – WhiteWater West Industries Ltd., the global leader in waterpark design, engineering and manufacturing, today announced the launch of the MEGAtube waterslide series, the industry’s newest, largest and most exciting raft rides. MEGAtube waterslides offer the most thrilling experience ever conceived, with more thrills, splashes and surprises than any other raft ride available.

The core feature of the patent-pending MEGAtube series is a massive 20ft / 6m diameter fully enclosed flume set at a transverse angle to the slide path. Riders drop down a steep ramp into the MEGAtube, and then oscillate up and down the inner walls, climbing up to 10ft / 3m. Add multiple MegaTubes of varying length, and combine with other attractions like the Abyss™* or the Family Boomerango™ to create the ultimate raft ride experience!

The excitement doesn’t stop there. The MEGAtube is large enough that another flume can actually pass through it, creating a truly sensational attraction for riders and spectators alike. Imagine an AquaLoop™ rider hurtling down a translucent SilkTek™ flume, passing through the MEGAtube just as a group of surprised raft riders goes by below…there has never been another waterslide experience like it!

The first two MEGAtube waterslides are the Viper™, a three-person raft ride, and the Python™, a six-person raft ride. Additional rides will be added to the MEGAtube series over the coming months.

For a general idea of what the MEGAtube will look like, check out these diagrams.

Diagram of PythonDiagram of Viper