Disneyland Tokyo photo update


It’s not often you hear of people going to Tokyo, let alone to visit Disneyland Tokyo. One of our readers headed over to Tokyo for a long vacation and returned with pictures of Disneyland Tokyo. Comparing the pictures to Disneyworld here in Orlando, there aren’t huge differences in their attractions, but they do differ slightly. They’ve got a castle, It’s a small world, A buzz lightyear ride, and a few others, but there are some pretty drastic differences, like their Roger Rabbit attraction for instance.

I am by far astounded by their costuming in the parades. Their costumes for the parades are by far different than the costuming here in Orlando. They’re a lot more elaborate and flashy, however I’m sure climate has a lot to do with the costuming. While we’re suffering from the humidity, I’m sure it’s not as hot since they’re slightly further north of the Equator. Just like the parades here in Orlando, they feature traditional princesses like Belle and Cinderella.

It’s always interesting seeing pictures of other Disney parks and comparing what differences and similarities they have to the park you’ve been to enough to navigate blindly.

Check out these really cool pictures of Disneyland Tokyo.

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