Fantasyland, Lots-o-Hugs Bear, and Captain EO – Huge Disney update


Construction inside of Fantasyland is slowly progressing at the Magic Kingdom. In previous construction updates Pooh’s tree moved and construction walls have gone up. It doesn’t appear that much more is happening to the public eye (however, I’m sure there’s stuff going on behind the scenes that we can’t see just yet).

We’ve got some new posters with different Disney characters, like Beauty (Belle) and the Beast, and Ariel up along the construction walls. Nothing else looks as if it’s undergone serious change.. yet. We’ve still got awhile until they’re expected to be done with this project.

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Thanks to our photographer, L. C. Hill, we’ve also got some amazing shots of the fireworks that went off last night. Put the emphasis on the word ‘amazing’.

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On another note.. Honey I Shrunk the Audience officially closed this past week to make way for the return of Captain EO at Epcot on July 2. I’m super excited about this.. Even though I’ve never seen either attraction. Glad to see that Jackson is still getting attention even though he’s long gone. It still shocks me that Disney World seems to be the last park to get EO in. It’s very well possible they wanted to see if it was successful at their other parks, in which is was.

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Toy Story 3 is coming out pretty soon and Toy Story Mania at Hollywood Studios is already making way for the update. Not only will the ride undergo an update for the release of the third movie to the series, but they’ve got new fur characters already in the park. The Up characters have left to make way for Lots-o-Hugs bear, who will appear in the new movie. They’ve also got an area themed to a daycare, which is a scene from the movie. Disney is going all out and the movie hasn’t even been released yet. I’ve got high hopes for whatever they do to Toy Story Mania.

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