Haunt Con reveals secrets about HOS and HHN


Haunt Con was in full blast this weekend in Central Florida this weekend. While we didn’t hear a whole lot about the whole convention itself, we did get to see a lot of pics and hear a lot of rumors from the two major tours that happened at the homes for two of the largest theme park haunts in the country. While Universal Orlando merely had a Q&A, in contrast to BGT having a full blown mini event the rumors from both went swirling around.

First up the actual con itself. We had one reader write in about it, and what they had to say wasn’t very good. “Eric the CON was a Joke, it was so small that was pictures from most all the vendors who brought props and mask. They had 1 guy selling airbrush stuff, 3 makeup people, 1 guy who did fog and that was about it. I have never been so let down with anything.”

While that’s sad to hear, it does kind of make sense seeing that Central Florida is made up of two of the largest in the country. It’s a fans paradise, but a nightmare for those who want to try to make headway in the industry. Perhaps that’s the reason why several year round haunts have never lasted more than a few years with the exception of the now removed Skull Kingdom. Our pics come to us from several people, including our good friend Tired Old Spook

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Now onto the tours. While the con seemed to have some disappointments, the tours did not. First up was the Q&A session at Universal Orlando all about HHN. While it was a lot of the same things that were covered in the artist forum, such as the way that a lot of the ideas are developed and how things are put together, one interesting note was taken. A tree. That was the only clue to HHN 20 given. And it’s a pretty big clue if we piece together what we already know for fact (not the stupid 10 house, T2 Bill and Ted, and wedding rumors). What we know is that we will be seeing almost every major icon, and several huge characters come back. What we know is that TJ Mannarino has said this will be a “scrapbook of years past”. Though everyone is thinking of a wedding, I see more of a “family reunion”. Yes, a family tree. And all of our favorite icons are related. It’s one sick and twisted family, and perhaps we’ll meet daddy…or mama. Maybe Jack is the proud papa? Doubtful, since Eddie is his brother.

Special thanks to Horror Nights Collector for the pics.

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Howl O Scream was a different story. It was a mini event complete with scareactors roaming around, two houses and yes…nurses. The actors were actually called back in from their off season duties and given the chance to play their parts again.And the big news from the tour, HOS is going to be 18 nights this year.

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Nightshade Toy Factory was one of the houses on the rumor mill. In fact, it’s not a rumor, it’s fact, Nightshade Toy Factory will be moving to a new location, and will be getting a new chapter in it’s story. Tina Tinkle will be back!

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Reconstruction:The Dr. is In has also been confirmed to be leaving it’s current spot and the good Dr. will also be getting a new chapter in his story. There will also be something big and new coming to Howl O Scream this year that will make them unique. Overall from what we’ve heard, this tour was one of the favorites of the entire con, as the entire BGT crew and HOS staff seemed to go out of their way to make it enjoyable with Scott Swenson spending alot of time with the guests and giving out a lot of information.

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Special thanks to our guest photographers Spook, LC Hill and Horror Nights Collector.