@Shamu returns to Twitter after two months of silence!


In the last two months, Twitter’s comical whale, @Shamu has been silent. Since the accident involving Seaworld’s largest killer whale, Tillikum, and 40 year old trainer, Dawn Brancheau, @Shamu has been silent during “this difficult time”. For the first time since February 25th, @Shamu made his first tweet.

Seaworld recently pledged to help animals who have been effected by the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. @Shamu has also provided a phone number to call and report animals who have been oiled or injured in the area of the Gulf Coast.

From @Shamu, after two months of not tweeting (screenshot via my tweetdeck account):

Mysteriously, I checked @Shamu’s page on Twitter, and this tweet was missing. Let’s hope we have many more tweets from @Shamu come about, as we need a witty and comical whale in our lives. Many of @Shamu’s followers re-tweeted Shamu’s tweet to show how much they missed him.

@Shamu currently has over 10,500 twitter followers.