Coney Island makes it’s debut!


After a 3 and a half hour ride from PA to Staten Island we boarded the ferry and crossed into Manhattan before taking a subway down to Coney Island. Once we arrived we decided on some hot dogs from Nathan’s Famous. This was were we first encountered the crowds of Coney Island. It took about 45 minutes to get our hot dogs, fries and soda. Over all it was a good meal but I don’t know that I’d wait that long again.

Once we finished our meal we decided to stroll down the boardwalk. The walk from Nathan’s on the boardwalk to past the aquarium was a rough go. People were packed wall to wall and people with lack of common sense or common decency stopped in the middle of everything to make matters worse.

After sitting on a bench and watching the people we decided we would head back to Luna Park as well as the Cyclone and Deno’s. After stopping to grab a few shots of the Cyclone which seemed to not be dispatching trains very often we headed to Luna Park.

Luna Park is the newest expansion in Coney Island. It’s often thought that Coney Island is an amusement park run like Six Flags, but it’s actually an amusement district with different vendors running different attractions. The park is equipped exclusively with Zamperla rides. It’s set to be a sort of display case of what the company has to offer.

I was excited to see this brand new park. The interviews on TV discussed how the entire park would be ready to go by opening day. Sadly several rides were not up and running, including the new ride that Zamperla was to debute at Luna Park. The boats on the log flume were not even completely put together and you could see other areas that were still under construction. The crowd at the park was unbearable. Once we had been pushed in about every direction we decided it was time to leave.

We ventured over to Deno’s for a minute and saw the crowds were almost as bad. At that point we decided that we had enough Coney Island. If I were to ever to return to Coney Island it would definitly be an early season weekday. The adventure was fun but the crowds were too much.

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