Howl O Scream BGT “2010 is Gonna Rock!”


Busch Gardens Tampa has launched their official teaser site for their annual Haunt event, Howl O Scream. And this year, “It’s gonna rock!” which confirms what Scott Swensen said in an earlier episode of Behind The Thrills (which you can listen to here). He simply said “This year is gonna rock”. You have to pay attention to all the details when you have the creative director of Howl O Scream on.

If you visit the teaser site (here) you get a just that, a teaser with a hungry crowd screaming for more. There is also lyrics written down, most of which are hidden. After a pretty extensive search, we got nothing.But just for fun, here’s what we were able to see.

ride love at first sight
Sugar-Sweet took he did everything right
I wasnt ready for chapter two’s twist

I swear what I said! And he kissed who he kissed

What we do get though, are the dates for the event which starts September 24th and goes all the way to Halloween which is a Sunday, and worth noting, the only Sunday of the event. The event did take place on Sundays before, and has been absent last year as well.

But let’s look at the clues we have. The lyrics above suggest that the main icon will be a woman. Perhaps like last years models we’ll get several scary rockers. We also know that Reconstruction will be returning, as well as Nightshade Toy Factory, but they will most likely be in different locations. There will be all new scare zones, which Scott Swensen himself has said.

But what about the rest? I would be willing to bet we will see the “Club Envy” concept coming back, only this time not a dance club, more of a punk feel. We will most likely see the same amount of scare zones, perhaps one or two more, with a larger range than last year, which felt small in comparison to year’s past. A few weeks ago we were able to sneak a peek at the area where DED was, and it looked to be ripped of all themeing, with small exceptions. Leads to believe that this house too will be gone. As for the number of houses? We are hearing that there will be six this year, one down from last year. That could be wrong, but with all the construction happening, it’s likely.

And again, this year, expect live tigers roaming the park randomly attacking people! Take steak!

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