Kings Dominion Intimidates this summer


Earlier this season Kings Dominion unveiled Intimidator 305, the parks first giga coaster and the first in Virginia. It was the first coaster to the park since Dominator was transplanted from the defunct Geauga Lake in 2008 and the first since the Back Lot Stunt Coaster (formerly Italian Job) in 2006. With I305 Kings Dominion broke the 300 foot mark with the Dale Earnhardt themed coaster.

The coaster is one of the most themed attractions in the park as it takes the legacy of Dale Earnhardt (“The Intimidator”) and celebrates the legend. The coaster starts at the station with the traditional “Gentlemen start your engines!” and roars up the lift hill at a quick pace, and one of the steepest lift hills ever seen. It roars over the hill and down into the track within a second, and goes 300 feet down the first drop, pulling out at the last second. It has boasted speeds of over 90 mph, but reports of people blacking out on the coaster (losing consciousness for a few seconds) had the park take measures to calm it down a bit. This coupled with the lack of promised harnesses had many coaster nerds spitting mad and threatening to boycott the park (as if they could honestly stay away). The coaster seems to lack nothing, it’s a little slower than before, but for those just taking to the track, they wouldn’t notice the difference as many people we heard were raving about it as they came off. Personally we experienced a little “gray out” (losing sight for a few seconds from the forces) but nothing serious. As for the “smoothness” it has the trademark shimmy that Intamin coasters are known for, and as you make the turns it’s whips you around at a great speed. All around it’s a good coaster, and worth adding to your credit list.

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Planet Snoopy and Boo Blasters on Boo Hill are also new additions to the park this year. While Planet Snoopy just replaced Nickelodeon Boo Blasters took place of Scooby Doo, both of which just seemed to change the characters around, and keep the same rides and layouts.

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Finally we have heard rumors of Volcano rolling back. Perhaps this is due to new seat designs? While we haven’t heard anything official, it seems they have been replaced with a front seat belt system instead of the side belts. Perhaps we’re mistaken on that. It has been over a year since we’ve rode it, so memory is a bit fuzzy. The coaster seems to have a little less pull than before, but it’s still one of the longest lines in the park, keeping a longer wait time than even the brand new I305.

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For more information about I305 and the rest of the park visit the official park website.