New interactive experience at Busch Gardens Tampa opens on Monday (with pics)


Wow, talk about speedy construction. It seems like the construction for this didn’t start too long ago at all and it’s opening this coming Monday, June 14th! Walkabout way is an addition to Bird Gardens. But do you remember all those rumored names found in the permits? Does Walkabout Way and Kungaloom ring a bell? Walkabout Way is officially the name for the area, and Kungaloom is the heart of the area, featuring red and gray Kangaroos and Bennett’s Wallabies. Check out the official details from Busch Gardens.


Up-Close Encounters with a Variety of Australian Species Expand the Range of Park Experiences

TAMPA, Fla. (June 8, 2010) – Guests can now discover unique animals indigenous to the Land Down Under at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay’s new Walkabout Way, an immersive animal attraction opening June 14.

In Walkabout Way guests can hand-feed kangaroos and wallabies, laugh along with a kookaburra and encounter magpie geese, Australian black swans and other Australian species.

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“Offering encounters with Australian animals fits into our park’s theme, which is all about connecting guests with the natural world,” said Glenn Young, vice president of zoological operations at Busch Gardens. “Whether it’s gorillas, giraffes or kangaroos, animals share important lessons about other cultures and their natural environments. As a renowned zoo, Busch Gardens has the opportunity to introduce guests to exotic animals from all over the globe.”

Kangaloom is the centerpiece of the new area. The immersive exhibit features red and grey kangaroos and Bennett’s wallabies. As guests meander through, they’ll encounter wallabies hopping right along the sidewalk. During daily scheduled feedings, guests can purchase a cup of food and hand-feed both kangaroos and wallabies. Feedings will be offered a few times throughout the day; a schedule is available each day at the park’s entrance. The cost for a cup of food is $5. The experience is available to ages 5 and older.

Also in Walkabout Way is The Kookaburra’s Nest, a free-flight aviary featuring species native to Australia and other parts of the world. At Aussie Station, guests can have up-close encounters with the park’s animal ambassadors. Interactions will vary, but animals may include small Australian parrots, a tawny frogmouth, cockatoos and other exotic animals that share an important message of conservation.

Walkabout Way is an addition to the Bird Gardens area. Admission to Walkabout Way is included with a day’s paid admission or any annual pass.

For more information on Walkabout Way at Busch Gardens, visit or call 1-888-800-5447.