Halloween Horror Nights Construction Ramping Up


It’s July, so naturally Halloween Horror Nights construction has already begun. The site is slowly updating, and props are starting to be seen all over the park, mostly in places where guests don’t normally get to go. However, due to the large crowds, the lines are getting longer than normal, and are being pushed into extended queues, which is great for us because this is where we are seeing a lot of brand new construction.

First up is the Jaws extended queue. Part of the building has already been boarded off, and construction is well underway on what many are saying is the “Cindy House”. Cindy is one of the many icons rumored to come back this year. Cindy, was never really technically an icon, instead she was the daughter of Albert Caine (the Caretaker) who was supposed to be involved in 16, but due to unfortunate events, she never got her chance to shine. If you pay attention to the story of Cindy, she ran away while the townsfolk burned the Caine mansion to the ground. In the JAWS Extended queue we get some great shots of a swing set and more. Also timing is everything, as prop truck pulled up to the gate.

On to the tent areas. It seems that the trees that were housed there before are now gone. Where they went is anyone’s guess, but I’m going to say Soundstages. Trucks can be seen, and the tents are boarded up. Other than that, nothing much more.

The next area of interest is the Disaster extended queue, where a lot of work is happening. Tarps are up, and there are a lot of tires all over the place. A van is also seen, next to a sink that has seen cleaner days. The interesting thing here is that the plane that normally sits in the extended queue has not been moved away from the area, which gives a thought that it may actually be used in the house. Anyone know what this could be at all? I’m at a loss.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that there are absolutely no signs in Sting Alley at all. Usually signs litter the entire alleyway, and sometimes they replace them, but never have they been completely stripped. Could this be a place for a scarezone? Last year they did use it at the end of the event, and in the past this area has been used as an “indoor/outdoor” house when they tried to redo Vampyre. Perhaps they’ll be making the attempt again? For clarification, all of these pictures were taken from the normal guest paths, no fences were hopped and no trespassing rules violated in the taking of these pictures.

[flickr-gallery mode=”photoset” photoset=”72157626601689354″]

In other news, the prices have been released for the Frequent Fear Pass with Express (click here for more info). It really begs the question, is it really needed? You have all the off peak nights of the event, so you could see everything in a span of a few nights. Of course there are those who will only have a few days, so it’s bound to be useful to some people. Other rumors have hotel guests being able to buy Express for HHN for around $10-20 bucks. Seems a lot of people complained about Express being the only reason they stayed at the hotel and not able to use it for HHN, so Universal gave in. It’s going to make for a very crowded Express line. Of course, the FFP with Express is said to be sold in limited quantities, and perhaps Universal will go back to having nights “Sold Out”…yeah right.

One more note of interest, a friend of a friend said that they had been cast as “Medusa” in the “Clash of the Titans” House. Really? Hope not, although she was asked repeatedly if she didn’t mind handling snakes. A wig of real live snakes? I would churn through the house just to see that!