A new era of Conference Calls


Very similar to last year, Universal is conducting conference calls for the media to get everyone pumped up about Horror Nights and give us the chance to ask questions. Universal unveiled all the gory details about the houses, scarezones, and show’s just before midnight last night. Today we got the chance to participate in a conference call featuring TJ Mannarino, the Director of Art & Design for Entertainment, and Patrick Braillard, Show Director of Entertainment.

Take a listen to today’s conference call (Now Updated without the technical difficulties!):

The teasing and taunting is almost over.. We’ve been getting small updates from the Legendary Truth and the Halloween Horror Nights update until BAM. The details are out in the open, but we’re still not being told the whole truth. Universal is preparing themselves for another 20 years of fear.

While they’re busy preparing for the future, we still don’t have a confirmed icon this year, except for some gory, bloody mass of slobbery teeth. This guy is already turning out to be quite fearful and sounds gory, but we don’t have a name or a back story just yet.