Howl O Scream, Sylvie and MyX gives fans the finger


I absolutely love this time of year. Packages start coming in the mail, and after seeing what everyone else is Tweeting about, you kind of get a little nervous. What are you going to unwrap? I remember one year unwrapping a grotesque creepy little doll with a bear’s body and a finger sticking from her…well…that’s not important.

Today I found myself unboxing an envelope, here check the video:

That’s right. Sylvie, lead singer from MyX gave me the finger. A fun day indeed. But that’s not the end of it!

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Busch Gardens Tampa has officially updated their Howl O Scream page and has revealed all the houses, scare zones and shows. Of course details are a little sketchy, but we do know we are definitely getting two new houses. One of those houses, you have to pay extra for. Alone is an up charge house, but the concept sounds terrifying, you go into a Ripley’s esque collectors house and things go horribly horribly wrong. The worst of it is that you’re completely by yourself. The other house is themed to the demented icons of the event, MyX and her band. In fact, not only is this house themed to the Icon, but so are 3 of the 5 scare zones. Crazed fans, vengeful exes, and more will rock the streets this year.

This year’s commercial:

The biggest surprise are the shows, and the fact that Howl O Scream is doing an honest to goodness rock concert. This is different from years past where they would have a little something set up as an opening statement in the front of the park. Last year it was a cat walk, the year before it was a stage where the Raven Twins took care of their “boy toys”, and the year before that it was a DJ booth. This year, Gwazi field will play host to a rock show twice nightly. Amazingly stepping things up.

Here’s the bands official music video:

For more information visit the official Howl O Scream website!

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