Big News in Williamsburg Part 1


Ladies and Gentlemen, coming to Williamsburg, Virginia a re-designed theme park and water park, sorta. Busch Gardens Williamsburg and Water Country USA have announced big changes being made the both parks. The current word on the Internet is a drop tower, water slide, and maybe a new country. I am here to tell you that, all those options are right and wrong. The drop tower is going to be where Katapult is.

That is nothing new and was just a rumor until recently when construction markings were viewed in that area, and therefore confirming that. The water slide is of course true because what can you add to a water park that has a lot of different rides already that is still water related. I think we will see a new slide, but maybe a water coaster, and some more changes throughout the park. The new country is not really a big known confirmed rumor. It is highly plausible and most likely, but we can’t be as sure like we are with the drop tower and water ride. However, they are not just adding rides, they are changing current things now!

They said they were, “We’re re-imagining the look and feel of some  of the most recognizable areas of Busch Gardens” which means that some very popular and iconic areas of Busch Gardens will be transformed as well as new stuff added. So please do not just think they are just adding a drop tower or a slide. They are making many changes because in two years things can change drastically and with a few billions or millions of dollars.

There has also been a recent debate over Blackstone’s involvement with this “Big News”, however no one can really be sure of their involvement. Blackstone may have little to none involvement with the park on a day to day basis or on the project or both, but one thing for sure is they probably had to approve the plan first. The new country addition is a rumor floating around for a long time. These projects may have begun a few years ago and are just now putting the plans into action after having to get every last detail down to an exact idea of how things will be. Blackstone may just be going along with it because they think it might rake in some more cash for them, or Blackstone could have planned it all and given them the funds for everything, which is highly unlikely. Either way, Blackstone had to approve of the projects and they could have given a few extra million dollars to the parks to help push them along with the changes. It is all just very uncertain. I will write the other part of my article with all new, confirmed information.

To be continued . . .