Sylvie moves into the Shop of Horrors; Project 2011 construction continues


The clock is ticking and Haunt Season is quickly approaching. Actually, we’re less than a month away from the kick off of Howl-o-Scream and Halloween Horror Nights. We’ve seen construction walls up already in the park, but Busch Gardens is really kicking things into high gear to get ready for Sylvie and MyX.

The shop of Horrors has returned to the park, but this year instead of the shop mostly being dedicated to years past, it’s being dedicated to MyX. They’ve got guitars, posters, and mannequins, and yes – bloody fingers handing from the ceiling. They’re already selling t-shirts and the event hasn’t even started yet. Some items have returned from last year, like Teddy Scares and the Jukebox (which I’m glad to see return).

Besides the return of the Shop of Horrors, there’s one place in particular I would like to point out. Near Bird Gardens, there’s a chainlink fence on a guest pathway. While I’m not 100% sure about this, but this might be the entrance to Alone. This has not been confirmed by the park and is just a guess as to what it’s for. Also a lot of the new signage is out for houses like Trapped which now sport a “Ghost catchers” banner around it. Could we possibly see some major changes to the house? Let’s hope so. Also, the bumper cars have been boarded up, so Taste of Blood is most likely underway.

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With all the excitement and buzz going on about Howl-o-Scream, it seems that Project 2011 has been somewhat pushed to the side to make way for Sylvie. Rest assured, things have moved around and changed. The construction walls now have a covering and now feature pictures of attractions and animals in the park. They also have the phrases we’ve seen on the Project 2011 teaser videos like “Agility, Speed, Strength, etc.” and are in a dashing yellow and green. Could we be seeing the colors of the new coaster here? Don’t forget that massive pile of dirt.

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Don’t forget this is Katonga’s last weekend in the park. Katonga will be making it’s final performance on Monday before it bids goodbye and is replaced with something new. If you’ve yet to see Katonga, make your way out to the park this weekend or Monday!