Christmas Town is getting closer, website looks almost complete


Walmart and Target are both displaying some Christmas decorations and it’s not even Halloween yet! Now many of the major theme parks are releasing details for their Christmas events. Last year, Busch Gardens Wiliamsburg unveiled their new Christmas event, Christmas Town, which will be returning again this year with even more opportunities to visit the event.

It seems that the website has been updated, but there’s still a lot of information missing. We were given the clue “gold and white” by Scott Gasparich, the Vice President of Entertainment, during our interview about Illuminights.

During last year’s event, guests were met with a teaser sign regarding this year’s event (pictured below).

However, it seems this is where some stuff is missing. The calendar has been updated to reflect the extension of days, but Italy is missing off the of the map. In fact, it’s the exact same map as last year, except Europe in the Air has been added. Looks as if Italy doesn’t even exist, but that’s the only piece of the puzzle that’s missing! Stay tuned for more information.