Thrill Daily News – 10-18-10


Busch Gardens Williamsburg

  • It appears the Christmas Town website has been updated half way. The park confirmed during their big announcement that Italy would be the expansion. So far, that seems to be the only piece of the puzzle missing. Read the full story.

Seaworld Orlando

  • Seaworld has also updated their website to include details about their Christmas Celebration event this year. Read the full story.
  • VIP experiences at Seaworld as well as Disneyland will be a unique experience, but have a price tag along with them. Read the full story.

Pheonix, AZ

  • A new theme park might be opening in Pheonix, AZ. This theme park has an interesting concept for it’s area. They want to build a “snow-themed” park so kids can build snowmen and frolic in the snow. Read the full story.


Universal Orlando

  • Hell week is coming up in just days. Two counties are out of school this week. Read the full story.
  • Universal released a new HHN video. See the video below.

Coney Island

  • “Scream Zone” coming to Coney Island is scheduled to be open for next season. Here’s some details as to exactly what the area will have. Now, I’ve ridden something similar to the coaster in the video at Canada’s Wonderland.. And I’ll tell you that it’s a ton of fun but it hurts if you’re very thin and don’t have a lot of “meat” on your hips. Read the full story.

Cedar Point

  • If you grew up around the area, there’s a graveyard inside of the park during HalloWeekends dedicated to all the rides of the past. It’s a great time to look back and remember the classics that are no longer there. Read the full story.

Geauga Lake

  • The Big Dipper has been saved (almost). The current owner is looking to raise money to save the coaster and move it to another location in NorthEast Ohio. Read the full story.

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