Thrill Weekly Poll: Friendliest crowds on Earth?


We all know that Disney has a reputation of being the happiest place on Earth. It is the place that families go to make memories that last a lifetime! Sometimes, however, with crowds crushing in to see their favorite princess, or queued up to ride their favorite ride a theme park can be a very unfriendly place, and we’re not just talking about Disney.

So this week in our “Thrill Weekly Poll” we ask the question, which theme park has the friendliest crowds. We ask you to keep in mind that parks have different events, and those also generate different types of crowds. For example, Universal has Halloween Horror Nights which generates some drunken unruly patrons while Grad Night at Disney has the “Teens out of control” factor. Keep these in mind when voting.

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Votes will be tallied up, and results will be shown in just a few days!