Time is running out for Haunt Season, more days added to HHN Pass


I really hate doing stories like these, but Universal sent us an email to remind us that “Time is running out on Halloween Horror Nights!” Yes, we are in the home stretch for Halloween Horror Nights, Howl O Scream, and all the other big time haunts that are going on. That’s the downside, the upside is that if you have a Frequent Fear Pass you can use it to get in this Saturday night as well.
If you have a FFP or FFP (which includes Fridays) then you can also get into Halloween Horror Nights Saturday night as well. If you have the regular FFP, as of now you can not get in Friday night.

Of the haunted events I’ve been to this season I really must say that Halloween Horror Nights has been my favorite. I think they got a lot of stuff right this year, and apparently those they’ve been polling think so as well, as Universal touts their highest exit ratings in years and even calls it their “scariest event in five years”.

I know a lot of hardcore fans have complained about a lot of the details but in comparison to last year this years event is miles beyond.

If you haven’t checked out HHN this year, you have just five days left before it’s gone for good!

For more information, including tickets, visit the official HHN site.