Busch Gardens Tampa Christmas shop opens


The working title for this article was going to be “After Haunt Season…the Fat man comes”. Yeah, a little much. We’ve had our share of angry comments this week already. However, with the end of haunt season that means that Christmas is right around the corner. Being as such, the parks are starting to roll out their Christmas layouts.

As we take a gander around the park we get a good look at some of the props and signage still up for Howl O Scream. All of the houses seem to be at least taken apart inside, though a lot of signs and facades are still up outside. Even the signs for Howl O Scream and the tree of TV’s are still up. Maybe they can do a Sylvie themed Christmas tree? Please no.

[flickr-gallery mode=”photoset” photoset=”72157626648174708″]

Over in the other side of the park, Cheetah Hunt is still progressing, with the mounds of dirt giving way to metal sheeting and trenches of dirt.

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And finally the Christmas shop has re-emerged with all manner of Christmas decorations. It’s really hard to believe that just a week ago this was all fingers and broken guitars.

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Now for some random pictures

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Christmas festivities are scheduled to start in just a few weeks with Passholder previews before that. Jungle Fantasy is also scheduled to begin it’s year long (approximate) run beginning in just a few short weeks.

For more information visit the official BGT website.