Comic Actor, and Theme Park voice Leslie Nielsen passes at 84


We are not a movie news or gossip site, and we don’t make it a huge deal to announce when actors die, but Leslie Nielsen was more than just an actor. He was one of the biggest names in comedy and more important he was in one of the most played (and probably one of the first) 3D theme park films of all time.

Leslie Nielsen played the mean Captain Lucky that betrayed the story’s hero Davie. Nielsen was one of many comedy legends on that film, but the one that was the best played.

In the realm of acting Nielsen played over 239 different parts with films in such Disney gems as “Mr. Magoo”. He also made his mark in the horror genre in the Stephen King classic “Creepshow” where he was buried up to his neck and made to hold his breath during high tide. Great stuff.
Though he was known for all those he was probably most noted for his roles in the “Naked Gun” series and “Airplane”.

Leslie Nielsen was 84.
To those he left behind, we just want to wish you both good luck. We’re all counting on you.