Disney announces plans for Pleasure Island – “Hyperion Wharf”


Disney announced details of the fate of Pleasure Island. Pleasure Island will become Hyperion Wharf. By day the area will have many different shops and restaurants, but at night, the area will be brilliantly lit. Part of the name (Hyperion) comes from the Greek God of Light.

Hyperion Wharf will begin immediately and is scheduled for completion in 2013. It will also include renovations to other areas in Downtown Disney. The Lego Imagination Center will be getting a renovation and growing by nearly 3,500 square feet. It will also feature new exterior lego models featuring scenes of classic Disney movies. The AMC theater will also be getting an upgrade. It will become Florida’s first fork & screen theater, use digital technology, and get a concession stand of the future.

The article in the Disney Blog mentions nothing about night clubs. It appears that clubs have become a thing of the past at Disney and they are trying to become even more kid-friendly by taking adult entertainment out of Downtown Disney.