Greenfest 2010 kicks off at CityWalk Saturday


“Green is Universal” has been a saying since May 2007 with Universal Orlando kicking off it’s “green” initiative. This year Universal is kicking off it’s “Green Week” which runs from November 14th to the 21st with Green Fest, a celebration of eco-friendly living.

The free event will take place Saturday at CityWalk from Noon to 6p.m. and will feature displays, organic food and even performances. Participants in the event include, Florida State Parks, Universal Orlando’s Landscaping and Horticulture Department, David Maus Auto, Coca-Cola, Katie’s Candy, Nestle Waters and Dyson.

Universal has created nearly 2,000 recycling locations around the resort and has made some of it’s rides more environmentally friendly. One such ride is JAWS which now is run by boats using bio-diesel instead of standard diesel. Now if they could make the shark himself more “eco-friendly” by not devouring so many islanders.

For more information on the event visit the park’s official website.