Holiday World voted to have “Best Theme Park Employees”


If you ask which parks have the best employees, the answer is Disney hands down every time. Just ask a Disney fan. However, if you’re asking anyone else the answer will surprise you. We asked the question last week in our poll “Which Theme Park has the Best Employees”, and the answer came from not a huge park but from one of the smallest parks with some of the best reviews and best word of mouth.

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In a battle that can only be described as legendary, Holiday World came from behind a huge deficit to defeat Busch Gardens Virginia for the coveted title of “Best Theme Park Employees”.  But what makes Theme Park Employees the best?

“Caring about their park. Believing in their purpose at their park. And, dare I say it, proper hiring and training practices.” Says Facebook fan Connie Harrington.

The extra mile, plainly put. The ability of the staff to go that extra mile to make their guests smile. Holiday World CEO, Will Koch, and founder, Louis J. Koch, always spoke about that, and with his passing this seems like a very fitting way for his legacy to speak for itself.

The Runners Up

Busch Gardens Williamsburg-A park matched by none in it’s physical beauty is also known for world class service by it’s employees.  BGW was in the lead several times. Would you expect anything else from a park that represented the world?

Walt Disney World-The company that pretty much set the standards for theme park performance. Four theme parks, two water parks, several hotels and an entertainment complex can overwhelm many. The employees keep smiling, and still provide top notch customer service.

Dollywood-I must first admit that when I encountered this park, I wasn’t expecting much. But the employees won me over within a matter of minutes. The down home attitude of Dollywood shows in their employees.

Congratulations to Holiday World and their employees. Fans have spoken, and your employees are the best at providing excellent customer service and giving the best experience possible.

Next week, we get fatter!