LC Hill Presents: LC Hill


Hello and welcome to the happiest place on the internet! As you may have guessed my name is LC Hill, and I am so happy to bring my perspective on one of my favorite things to Behind The Thrills. In this series I’ll be taking a look at the Disney Parks and brand and offering my take on all things mouse related.

I am not by any means a Disney expert but then again what makes someone an expert? Just because you’re at the parks every day and have read all the books doesn’t make one an expert. We’re all fans here and fans we’ll be.

As fans we do interject our own opinions on how we would like to see the park run, and new attractions we’d like to see. As fans, we feel we are the experts and as such we could probably dictate a little better on what the parks need. Of course, our ideas get shot down in favor of money saving measures, or the fact that the park just has something better. I don’t know how many times I see a “major announcement” come from Disney and it’s a stupid ad campaign like “Memories”. I know, it’s going to be a great show. I know it will be wonderful. But I also know that I really don’t care about it! I also know that while the Disney faithful will have yet another thing to love and rave about, average Joe Q. Public will simply say “Hey look at them pictures on the wall…who wants to go ride Pirates?”

It’s a weak move, and I’m sorry to say, it’s cheap. Again, I love the parks but you have to stop and wonder what Disney is thinking…honestly. They haven’t had a major attraction since Everest, and really haven’t made any major plans for one either. Instead of revamping their Pleasure Island or moving it to a place that is more compatible to that particular environment, they killed it and the most beloved Adventurers Club. And for what? It looks to be even more high priced off the shelf restaurants. Instead of going with a brand new ride, they are (finally) giving Star Tours a much needed rehab. Sure I’m damn glad it’s happening, but I feel it’s just about ten years too late for it.

And it’s not just me talking either, it’s the International audience saying it too, with a slow but steady shift towards Disneyland instead of Walt Disney World. I will touch briefly on this subject, but they had the chance to do what Universal has done, bring the boy wizard to life. Did they? No! And what do they do to counter the huge success that it’s brought their main competition in Orlando? Nothing. Oh, sorry, they announce almost two years later an expansion to add more Princesses. Then they say that’s not good enough and they scrap the idea for something else…what we haven’t heard yet. Sigh.

I know I have a lot of anti-Disney opinions, but the fact of the matter is that while the park is still doing a lot of new options (mostly in dining and hotels and upcharge tours) it’s falling short of that magic that we first fell in love with. I’d like to see it come back.

Til next time…. L.C. Ya real soon!