Legoland Florida: Recycling concrete to conserve the environment


While Legoland is being constructed in Central Florida, they are working diligently to help conserve the environment. John Ussher, General Manager of Legoland Florida said, “It’s important to us at LEGOLAND Florida to make as little environmental impact as we build Central Florida’s newest full-day family theme park.”

Legoland has temporarily moved 660 oak trees to another location while diggers and back hoes work in the park. Once they are finished working in the park, Legoland will move the trees back to the park to their brand new home.

The park is also using a 15 ton machine to “chew” up all the concrete that once laid on the property. Rather than sending 18,000 tons of concrete to the local landfill, the park will reuse it when they are ready to lay concrete down in the park.