Shamu Show, “Believe” to be replaced in 2011


Theme parks are built and over time, they change to keep up with technology and to keep things fresh in people’s mind. Seaworld has announced they are replacing their popular killer whale show, Believe, with a brand new show in spring of 2011 at all three of their Seaworld parks.

This past February when 40 year old orca trainer, Dawn Brancheau was tragically killed while working with Tillikum, Seaworld’s largest whale. Her death has drastically changed the Believe show and how Seaworld interacts with their orcas. Since her death, trainers have not been permitted to swim in the water with the whales. Her death has fast tracked the replacement of Believe.

Although Believe is being replaced in spring of 2011, there’s still plenty of time to see the modified show until it is replaced. At this time, further details are unknown. Seaworld has not yet announced an official opening date or name of the new killer whale show that is set to replace Believe. Seaworld has not stated whether trainers will be permitted to swim with the whales again during the new show.

Stay tuned for details.