The 2010 King of Halloween!


Last week we asked who you thought the King of Halloween was for the 2010 season. With so many different parks getting in on the action we thought it was going to be all over the place, but only two parks stood up, and in the end only one had the guts (gore and scares) to make it all the way. So who was the winner?

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By a margin of 3% Halloween Horror Nights takes the win for this year’s King of Halloween.

“HHN ftw! HOS was horrible this year.” Twitter user @ThatHancockGuy remarked “Not scary at all. HOS had a homemade feel to the houses, very cheap feeling.”

“The one thing that HOS had over HHN this year was random street scares…not just in scare zones” Twitter user @freudemantim added.

HHN 20 had a lot going for it this year, with eight new houses, a new version of Bill and Ted and returning Icons. On the other hand Howl O Scream in Tampa had a lot of energy with Rocker Sylvie fronting the festivities.

“Sylvie was an Emo chick who wasn’t scary but at least she did something!” Our very own Bsquare quipped “Fear didn’t do anything, he was just kind of there.”

My two cents were pretty similar. Fear was great and intimidating, but as an Icon really didn’t have much of a role. Sylvie was all over the place and in your face, but really wasn’t scary. Sure, one could argue that it was “psychological” with Sylvie and that you always had the feeling that something could go wrong at any second.

What set HHN apart for me this year was the houses and scare zones were all new. The actors all seemed to be on their game (at least when I was there) and enjoyed what they did. The staff and actors at HOS gave it their all, but it just didn’t seem to connect for me like it did for others. Obviously, it connected for a lot of people, but not more than HHN did.

The Runners Up:

Howl O Scream VA-This year the scare was everywhere! With no defined scare zones and roaming actors it amped up the event for locals.

Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood-With more in depth detail to the houses, and more (some say) intensity than it’s Orlando counterpart, this one could raise to better results in the coming years.

Shaum’s Spooktacular at Sea World- Candy and family fun are sometimes all you need. The best part of it, it doesn’t cost extra! It actually got my vote!

For more information on this year’s King of Halloween-Halloween Horror Nights 20 at Universal Orlando Resort, visit their official site!