Thrill Weekly Poll: Best Park Employees


While theme parks are amazing places full of the latest innovations (mostly) from the minds of engineers with more imagination in one finger than most have in their whole body, it’s the employees that really can make or break a theme park. So this week’s Thrill Weekly Poll is all about the everyday employees that make or break a theme park.
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A staff of really great employees can take a mediocre park filled with just coasters and make it better than the most themed advanced theme park in the world.
Last week Cedar Point dominated the poll by announcing it on their Facebook page. If you’re a park, I’d encourage you to do the same. These polls are all about your fans opinions, so the more you talk about it to your fans, the more they’ll vote for your park.
Have fun with the voting, as always the poll closes Sunday and we’ll have the results next week!
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