Busch Gardens VA is the Best Damn Food Destination, period.


When it comes to Theme Park food the choices are plentiful, and range from the refined snobbish fare of Disney’s Victoria and Alberts to the regular fried food of Cedar Point to even the gross (but oddly alluring) concoctions of Knott’s Berry Farm’s Chocolate Bacon Funnel Cake. Theme Park food has come a long way since the days of cotton candy and hot dogs. So instead of asking what your favorite type of food, or even favorite restaurant is we asked “Which park is the Best Damn Food Destination, period.?”

How does one define the Best Damn Food Destination? It’s based on all the factors. Which place has a combination of best food, best choice, best service, best variety, price…everything rolled into one? When you think great food, which is the first park you think of?

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Busch Gardens Virginia took the crown for best damn food destination and why would it not? The park is themed to the corners of Europe and that includes the food. With several countries represented throughout the park, each one has a unique dish and specialty. The stand alone dining attraction of the park?  Personally it’s got to be Das Festhaus for me. Good German Potato Salad is really hard to find, and I could eat theirs by the truckload.

Whether you like the Potato Salad and Schnitzel, or you’re more in the mood for pasta, pub food, or even BBQ Busch Gardens Williamsburg has the food to please. Just wait a while after you eat before catching a ride on Griffon.

Honorable Mentions

Walt Disney World-It’s actually shocking that the mouse didn’t take the top. After all we’re not just talking one park, we’re talking four! Plus Downtown Disney, and countless hotels. Not to mention EPCOT is Busch Gardens Williamsburg only with less rides, and more countries. You can sample Mexican, Italian, French, German, British, Chinese, Japanese, Canadian, American and Moroccan foods in one park alone, never mind the Food and Wine Festival.

Cedar Point-Fair Food, to American traditions Cedar Point has a good amount for many different tastes. Is it extravagant and gourmet? No, but it’s good. Johnny Rockets and Chick Fil A are staples at the Coaster Mecca.

Dollywood-Down home country goodness. Fried green tomatoes, home made kettle corn, cornbread . It’s the stuff my grandma used to make. Dollywood takes country to levels that Cracker Barrel can’t or won’t with some of the best food out of any park.

What is your favorite foods at any of the parks? Let us know in the comments below!

Next week, we start the real competition!