Thrill Weekly Poll: The best theme park food destination


The Holidays are upon us and as many do this time of year our thoughts turn to all the delectable food that we’re going to eat over the next month. So with that in mind we want to know what you think is the best damn theme park destination. Period.

We don’t want you thinking “Carowinds has the best churros”. We want to know from a food lovers standpoint which destination has the best damn food. Period.
We are being very selective with this one so not every park will get in. In most cases we’re talking more than one park as well. So instead of listing every single restaurant that Disney has we list Walt Disney World as one place. And that’s how you need to vote. Which destination, from the theme park to the onsite hotels and even entertainment complex has the best food period? [polldaddy poll=4178602]
Some parks have great counter service and no sit down options others have amazing sit down but no great deserts. Other Parks have that one item that sets them apart. Which park best represents the best array of food options to you? The Parks we’ve chosen all stand out for a reason or another.
All Parks should feel free to encourage their fans on twitter and Facebook to vote for them.
We’ll have the results in about a week.