Gaylord Palms offers ICE, and quite possibly the Best Christmas in Florida


Christmas in Florida is very rarely cold and frigid(this week aside). ICE! at Gaylord Palms Hotel changes all that with their 18,000 sq. ft. frozen extravaganza. Tons of ice sculptures, ice slides and more Christmas spirit than you can fit into Santa’s bag make up what is the only definitive “Winter Wonderland” in Florida.

This year ICE takes on the classic poem “T’was the Night Before Christmas” and brings it to life in light, color, slides and of course ICE!

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However, ICE! isn’t the only thing bringing the Holiday Spirit to Gaylord Palms this year. New for 2010 is SNOW! Yeah, it’s really simple if you think about. The hotel brings in tons of snow, builds a huge pile, and kids play in it. Kids can build snowmen, sled a little and have an all out blast.

Hotel guests get ICE and SNOW for free with their visit, but if you’re not a guest you can visit the exhibit which is open daily until January 2nd, 2011. An adult ticket will run about $40.00 depending on the day you go for both ICE and SNOW.

But the big question everyone has, “Is it worth it?”

Yes. ICE is completely freezing, and it’s a great experience. Snow, while fun for the kids, seems like there could be more to it in the future. If you are pressed for time (or money) SNOW isn’t something a must see, but it is nice. After all, it’s nice to not have to shovel the snow from your driveway, something a lot of people are having to do this week.

Besides ICE and SNOW, Gaylord Palms has several other activities to get guests into the Holiday Spirit, but as far as we can tell the shows are for hotel guests only, though they do paint a perfect picture of not only the Holiday Season, but Holidays in Florida.

Other shows are:

Luminesence: The Christmas Story told in an all new way with special effects, and dazzling lights

Noche Latina en Ice!: A special After-Hours viewing of ICE as a salute to Central Florida’s Vibrant Latin Community.

Family Traditions: A capella Christmas carols that will take you back to your fondest memories.

For more information on ICE! SNOW! and many more of the stage shows for guests only, visit the official Gaylord Palms website!