The Beauty of Pixar


Normally we don’t post videos, but I had to do this one. I’ve been a fan of Pixar since the first time I saw the first frame of the first Toy Story. It was made even more magical by the fact that my son was Buzz Lightyear, and he dubbed me Woody. And for two solid years, everyday after I got home from work that’s who we were. I’m looking at a teenager now and wondering where the time went.

Pixar never really changes, and they always bring you back there, but not in the same way that Disney films do. Disney films age, and lose their luster. Not their fault, it’s the one burden of hand-drawn animation. But Pixar stays crisp and just as clear every single time you watch it. Not only one particular story either, every story with very few exceptions (I’m looking at you CARS) takes us to a place we never thought we could go, or imagined.
So here is a mash up of some of the greatest moments in Pixar made by film editor Leandro Copperfield:

It’s okay if you cried. I won’t tell.